EThics Committee

The Ethics Committee establishes the Code of Ethics and, in the event of a violation of the ethical principles, analyses complaints and proposes sanctions.

The Ethics Committee has three functions:

First, it draws up and continuously updates the Code of Ethics,

Secondly, it looks into complaints raised in relation to the non-respect of the Code of Ethics and, where necessary, proposes sanctions to the WBGF Executive Board. These recommendations remain confidential until the Executive Board makes a decision.

Thirdly, it delivers advice to the WBGF Members on the implementation of the ethical principles.

  • Andreas Hofmann, Chairman (Germany)
  • Mislav Kovacic (Croatia)
  • Claus Elken (Denmark)
  • Dmitriy Obukhov (USA)
  • Amir Eshraghi (Iran)
  • Volker Sonnabend (Germany)
  • Katalin Veszeli (Hungary)
  • Masayuki Mochizuki (Japan)
  • Arda Findikoglu (Turkey)
  • Phil Simborg (USA)
  • Raj Jansari (United Kingdom)