German Backgammon Federation – new nomination process for the national team

German Backgammon Federation – new nomination process for the national team

New nomination process for the formation of the national team for the 2021 World Team Championships
08.03.2020 [dbgv]

The board of the German Backgammon Federation has adjusted the nomination process for the German Backgammon National Team for the year 2021. The experiences from the last years and the proposals of the members from the last general meeting were discussed and the advantages and disadvantages were highlighted.

The principle of candidate selection was not changed: All players who have fulfilled at least one of the following criteria will be invited by us to apply for the national team.

– All those who were among the top 30 in the German rankings at least once between April 2019 and March 2020 with an experience value of over 1000
– The first of the 2019 and 2019/20 rankings of the regional tournaments Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Berlin Super League, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Freiburg and Munich.
– The participants of the Team World/European Championships of the last 2 years
– Quarter-finalists of the three international German tournaments in Trier, Niedernhausen and Bad Dürkheim in 2019
– Players with outstanding results in major international tournaments in the last 12 months
– The first 20 of the EBIF PR ranking list with at least 25 rated matches from 01.03.2020
– The quarter-finalists of the German Backgammon Internet Championship 2019

New are the following 3 sections of the nomination, by which the eight-member national team is determined. The nomination process will be handed over to a committee appointed by the board. This committee consists of Josefin Bichler (consultant DBGV), Dirk Schiemann (team captain 2020) and Kimon Papachristopoulos. This means that only one member of the DBGV Board of Management holds a single position on the committee and guarantees independent decision-making.

1. determination of the core team consisting of 4 players

The „core team“ will consist of 4 players, who are set for one year each due to their playing strength and experience.

The core team consists of players who have already played in the German national team and therefore have outstanding experience in international competition. From past team competitions, the association has sufficient information about the playing strength, which we share with the responsible committee. The latter then determines the core team for next year.

2. a scouting process in which 3 players are nominated

Last year’s qualifying tournaments were a good experience, but very costly for the participants and organizers. For this reason, we have considered how to make it easier to obtain information about the candidates. That’s when the idea of a so-called scouting came up, where individual players can prove their qualities.

All candidates get the option to be scout on the following 3 tournaments:
– 01 – 05 April 2020, 2nd Porta Nigra Invitational in Trier
– 29 May – 01 June 2020, 12th German Backgammon Championship in Niedernhausen
– August 27 – 30, 2020, Lions Cup in Bad Dürkheim
By registering for scouting, a candidate commits himself to have all matches played by him in the respective tournament(s) recorded and submitted. These will be evaluated and analysed. Based on the information obtained, 3 additional players will then be nominated for the national team. The independent 3-member committee will also take responsibility for this procedure.

A fee of 30 Euro will be charged for participation in the scouting process. These funds will then be used exclusively for the national team.

3. a direct qualification in which 1 player is nominated

However, we would like to continue to weight the live tournament performance of the candidates as a criterion. For this purpose, we will again use the 3 international German tournaments where the most successful player can qualify for the team in the championship flight.

In the next few days we will work out a points ranking, the candidates will be informed in time.

We hope to nominate a competitive team with these criteria. The core team stands for quality and also consistency; through scouting we want to give the many strong players the opportunity to show themselves for the national team, and through the possibility of direct qualification the most successful player should also be rewarded.

The candidates will be personally invited by us in the next few days to participate in this application process. We would be very happy about a lively participation.

The Board of Directors

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