Stefanos Katogiannakis is the New Greek Champion

Stefanos Katogiannakis is the New Greek Champion


After winning twice in the double-elimination Finals, the solid favourite Ioannis Atmatzidis, Stefanos Katogiannakis became the 12th distinct player to claim the national Championship of Greece.

 After a painstaking process which lasted for 13 months and was interrupted on several occasions by several spikes of the infamous Covid-19, the six operating clubs of Greece  eventually managed to complete their internal tournaments. This resulted in 16 players qualifying for the national finals, held in Athens from the 18th to the 20th of September.

Stefanos won 7 out of his 8 matches to claim his first title, showing incredible resilience and stamina, which helped him to overcome all the obstacles ahead of him. On the other hand, Ioannis (National Champion 2016, Online Champion 2017 and Player of the Year 2015) enjoyed a flying start, with four wins in a row, but failed in an “anybody’s” final game, with the cube on 4… Both players represent the Athens BgFed Club.



The biggest surprise came from Thanassis Plavos from Trikala (representing the Karditsa club SATOK), who finished third, ahead of Giorgos Ntislis from Larissa (OAML club). 

The fifth position was shared by two of the most prominent figures of the game in Greece, Christos Groutsos of SATOK (Champion 2018, Online Champion 2014, Player of the Year 2013, three times voted at the top 64 Giants List) and Michalis Manolios, Chairman of the Athens BgFed (Champion 2014, Cup Winner 2019, Online Champion 2018 & 2019, Player of the Year 2020, Winner of the EBIF Tour 2018 and of the online Champions Cup 2019). 

Finally, the seventh position was shared by Petros Selelis from the Athens BgFed and Michail Proukakis from the Athens College Graduates (SAKA) BG Club (runner-up in the 2015 & 2019 championships, Winner of the WBGF SpeedGammon 2020).

Consequently, Katogiannakis became the ninth player with one championship title, whereas the champions’ list is still led by Costas Chiotinis (1988 & 2009), Charis Christidis (2010 & 2011) and Giorgos Avdis (2012 & 2013), each  of whom have won twice.

The very next day after the Finals, the area of Athens was partially quarantined, with a maximum of nine people allowed for any sort of gathering, so we finished at a good time!

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