World Team & WBGF Championships | Aug 30th-Sept 5th

This is a long awaited moment: backgammon is back to live playing!
The hosts of our Championships this year have taken every measure to offer you the finest player’s experience.
Backgammon Trier has picked nothing less than the Imperial Baths of Trier, an antic gem, to run the tournaments. It is the hosts’ hard commitment to provide a unique sporting environment for you to perform your best play. Expect Olympic conditions in the bosom of this UNESCO-guarded site!
But this is not all! Backgammon Trier has organised a historical and cultural program of Germany’s oldest city. You will enjoy a guided tour of the city, with a wine-tasting experience of the Moselle’s delights at the unmissable Bishop’s Winery. An immersive journey into the secrets of the Porta Nigra awaits you, with its tales of glory and gloom.
In short, live backgammon is back with the World Team & WBGF Championships, in all its finery.


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