Team World Championship & Individual Championship 2022: 5 questions to Andrea de Zandonati

April 2022, Circuito Nazionale de Backgammon (CNB) is hosting the Team World Championship in the mythical Palazzo del Cinema, in Lido de Venezia. Andrea de Zandonati  answers 5 questions about this exceptional event, on behalf of the organizing team. 

1.What motivated CNB to host the WBGF Team Championship?

Andrea de Zandonati: CNB always had an international scope. In all Italian tournaments, especially Venice and Jesolo, many abroad players play regularly, enjoying at the same time  the beautiful locations we luckily have. Also, being part of the international backgammon scene, we wanted to enthustiastically play our role, and share our experience as a succesful federation. So, when Giorgio Castellano illustrated the possibility to run the WTBC 2022 in Venice we instantly joined the idea, and here we are, ready to welcome players from around the World!

2.Why did you chose the Palazzo del Cinema as the playing location and what will the playing conditions be?

Andrea de Zandonati: Organising an event with potentially over 200 players needs important spaces and possibly prestigious venues. The historical center has not such spaces, while Venice small/medium hotels don’t own halls and big enough conference rooms. Also, hotel rates are usually very expensive througout the year, with the exception of december/january, when the weather doesn’t help that much.

The idea of the Lido of Venice, a seafront island 15 mins from ST. Marc Square was very natural to us. Decades ago we organized at the Lido the first editions of the international tournament “City of Venice” followed by two “Backgammon Olympiad”. So there we look for an important venue and the Palazzo del Cinema (Cinema Palace), public owned by Venice Municipality, was our first choice. With the help of Lido Hotels Consortium “Venezia e il suo Lido” we finally had an agreement with Vela, the municipal owner of the location. Palazzo del Cinema hosts every year the famous Venice International Film Festival, and is big and bright venue to play. We will entitled to use the ground floor hall and the first floor if needed.

3.What are the perks of the 2022 Team World Championship & Individual Championship?

Andrea de Zandonati: The new formula for the World Team Championship, ideated by GM Carlo Melzi, will permit to all teams to play at least 4 rounds, so it will be extremely engaging and motivating. Also, all others side events, included the Individual Champion and Intermediate divisions, will be cheaper than most of the international tournaments. The action will be ceaseless, unless you want to take advantadìge of our leisure activities organized by the Consortium Venezia e il suo Lido, exclusively for backgammon guests.

4. Why should players do the trip to the Venive 2022 Team World & Individual Championship?

Andrea de Zandonati: Playing backgammon in one of the most beautiful cities in the World should be enough to book your trip to Venice.

Beginning of April should also be the ideal time to come over, the temperature being not too cold nor too hot, as in the summer.

Hotels special rates in Lido are possibly the best agreed, and the famous Italian food won’t disappoint you.

5. Where can players find more information and register?

Andrea de Zandonati: Full information & registration can be found on the event’s website. Player can also stay updated with the latest news on the event’s FB page.


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