Farewell Ola Serhan

Ola! Today is your birthday – and I want to wish you all the best, imagining all your future projects you will be working on. But i also want to look back and say big thanks for all we achieved together in the years of your general secretary for WBGF.

We started with many dreams and visions… now we are just two steps away from fulfilling the criteria to be accepted as a Mindsport by IMSA. But even more, I want to highlight your charming and inspirational input to our understanding of a World Federation: opening to the social players and working on concepts to increase the influence of women and youngsters in Backgammon.

And don’t forget the supervising duties of the General Secretary… with so many board member committees and volunteers… an exhausting task. But you generously managed the organisational growth expanding from America to Asia/Oceania!

Ola – big thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the time I had the pleasure to walk with you together in Trier through the exciting backgammon landscape!

With love,

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