WBGF Partners With Nesh Pro.Duction

Nenad Arsenijevic, internationally known as Nesh (video agency Nesh Pro.Duction), was born in Yugoslavia (now Serbia) in 1982. During his career, he has had the opportunity to work and live abroad, UAE – Dubai, Qatar-Doha, Nigeria – Lagos, and is now based in his capital Belgrade, Serbia. Nesh has many varied interests – he loves to dance and play the saxophone. He also enjoys the outdoors – hiking, cycling, swimming, and camping.

Throughout Nesh’s 20-year career, 90% of it has been spent producing videos, and he intends to keep it that way. “Being in the video business has given me the opportunity to discover different fields of work – writing, preparing, shooting, filming, directing, editing, sound design, graphics. That’s a great variety of skills to learn and adopt. Also very different kinds of people to meet and to work with, especially to control on set and in production. But being an artist from my childhood, the video industry is actually a perfect choice since it combines other arts as well – music, theater, and dance.”

“Professionally, there are many film directors from whom I have learned almost everything I know about film language, but I will definitely point out Stanley Kubrick as a person and as an artist. His work is still beyond time. As he was saying in his interviews, when he was a kid he would always watch bad movies in theatres and say to himself ‘Hey, I can do better than this’, and I will never forget that quote.”

Nesh started his backgammon career in BGWC in Monaco in 2022 where he was hired to film Sander Lylloff, who became the 2022 champion. “It was an amazing experience, and my first backgammon tournament. I immediately fell in love with the game, the atmosphere between the players, the respect and friendship they nurture, the easygoing relationships among organisers and participants and the organisation itself. So I started developing my own relations and projects around backgammon and it has been a success so far.

“My plan, on which I am working daily with the help of others, especially WBGF president Mr Bernhard Mayr and WBGF board member and the world’s premier organiser of today Mr Arda Findikoglu, is to film and produce a documentary film about the backgammon world. To present the game throughout history, the present moment, and the most active and successful people today. It’s a long way to prepare, shoot, edit and deliver the film, but it’s not just attractive and fun but highly important to distribute such existence of backgammon to the worldwide audience.”

“Since the video is a very manipulative way of talking to the audience and the most popular one, I will keep developing myself in that direction and I hope we can do the same with backgammon – give it the attention it deserves and present its uniqueness to the global audience as it is – authentic, addictive, friendly, competitive, charming and international. No matter the background, age and status – it is for everyone.”

Interviewing WBGF President.

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