BMAB Tournament Germany

Backgammon as its best - BMAB Tournament Germany

Exciting and high-class backgammon promises the event
on the weekend 21/22.10.2023 in Königswinter near Bonn.

More than 20 ambitious backgammon players from Germany, Belgium, England and Austria will meet for the first BMAB tournament in Germany.
It is not only about winning, but also about the optimal strategy, i.e. the lowest error rate.
All matches will be recorded with a video camera and evaluated with evaluated with XtremeGammon.
With a good performance one can qualify for an international grandmaster or master title.

The field of participants includes several grandmasters, among them Dirk Schiemann, one of the top 10 in the world rankings and the No. 1 of the German backgammon scene, as well as Bernhard Mayr from Austria, President of the World Backgammon Federation.

The event will be followed worldwide on various social media.
The most interesting matches will be commented live by well-known backgammon experts
live commentary and broadcast on the Stream Team YouTube channel:

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