Gamification At University

Welcome Everyone!

I am Richárd Máté from Hungary. I’ve been playing backgammon for 20 years, with varying degrees of success. I was a member of the Hungarian national backgammon team in 2021. (In 2022 I didn’t apply for the qualification tournament, but this year I will participate.) Since September 2021 I am a full-time backgammon instructor at the Széchenyi István University in Győr. Since then, more than 200 students have been introduced to this fantastic board game.

Since the second semester, the university’s in-house backgammon tournament, the PUB League, has been running, with more than 30 students competing. Every semester there is also a one-day international tournament, the Széchenyi Backgammon Cup, where the university’s students have had the chance to compete against the best players from Hungary, Austria and Serbia.

The biggest innovation, however, is that backgammon has been introduced to the university’s management campus, where the teaching of the game focuses on risk management and backgammon analogies.

It’s a kind of gamification!

Gamification is a strategy in which game design elements are used in a non-gaming environment to change users’ behaviour in a positive direction. The aim is to make an educational process more interesting, exciting and enjoyable. What we focus on is to incorporate absolute matching analogies from games into educational processes. So we’re tremendously excited about the prospects that backgammon has to offer and we’re constantly looking for new possibilities.

An important question and request: The university’s leaders and I would very much like to find another university in the world that is involved in backgammon. We would be very happy if we could contact them. If you know of any, please contact

Thank you very much in advance and thanks for your attention.

Best regards,

Richárd Máté

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