About WBGF

The objectives of the WBGF are to:

  • Develop, improve, expand and promote backgammon as a mind sport according to principles of Olympic and sports rules
  • Deal with all questions relating to tournament backgammon taking place in all member nations and where otherwise invited
  • Organise and conduct international backgammon competitions and tournaments at a global level
  • Promote unity among its member nations (Member Associations) in matter relating to international backgammon
  • Safeguard the overall interests of Member Associations
  • Act as a representative voice for the global backgammon family as a whole, and
  • Respect the interests of Member Associations, settle disputes between Member Associations and assist them in any matter upon request.The WBGF shall seek to achieve its objectives by implementing any measures it deems appropriate, such as setting down rules, entering into agreements or conventions, taking decisions or adopting programmes.

The WBGF’s activities are:

  • Coordination of activities and preservation and promotion of its members’ interests
  • Establishment of the development of backgammon policies at a global level
  • Regulation of the competitions system at a global level
  • Organisation and conduct of sporting events, particularly an official global championship (the WBGF Team and Individual Championships) and other competitions at a global level
  • Adoption and implementation of WBGF tournament rules and adoption of acts in connection with their application
  • Establishment of evaluation and categorization of players, particularly by ratings and titles
  • Encouragement of development of national organisations, particularly by assisting the establishment of national federations, where none currently exist
  • Encouragement of ethical and moral standards in sports, respect of human dignity, fair play, tolerance, nonviolence and a general sporting culture
    Advocacy for legal recognition of backgammon as a mind sport on the national and international stage
  • Perform any other tasks which have been determined pursuant to these Statutes and any other applicable rules and regulations
  • The pursuit of its own commercial objects in accordance with any applicable laws or regulations in order to finance its activities