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Stefanos Katogiannakis is the New Greek Champion

  After winning twice in the double-elimination Finals, the solid favourite Ioannis Atmatzidis, Stefanos Katogiannakis became the 12th distinct player to claim the national Championship of Greece.  After a painstaking process which lasted for 13 months and was interrupted on

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Backgammon at the 2020 Mind Sports Olympiad

WBGF and WBIF proudly announce in cooperation with Mind Sports Olympiad:     In August we will organise 8 exciting backgammon tourneys.. together with chess, bridge, Go and many other mind sports!   You can already register for all of

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Backgammon Youth World Championship 2020

The Backgammon Youth World Championship 2020 tournament starts online on July 1st, 2020. The tournament begins with 7 rounds of the Swiss system: the pairings are drawn in rounds according to the Swiss system with the tournament software from Hans-Jürgen

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German Backgammon Federation – new nomination process for the national team

New nomination process for the formation of the national team for the 2021 World Team Championships08.03.2020 [dbgv] The board of the German Backgammon Federation has adjusted the nomination process for the German Backgammon National Team for the year 2021. The

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Falafel – A Tribute


Falafel’s friend, Shay Beja, writes… Dear friends and members of the international backgammon community family, Recently we lost a giant. Not just a giant backgammon player and mentor, but a giant heart. A great loss to the world backgammon community

WBGF World Team and Individual Championships are now Live!

View the Stream plus bracket updates The WBGF 2020 World Championships started today with the team tournament – 17 nations made the trip. Schedule for the rest of the week is below…

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Wayne Felton – A Tribute

Kindly reproduced with permission from Dod Davies. I cannot remember where or when I first met Wayne Felton. It would have been at a backgammon tournament in the UK; possibly over the board, more likely at a table of friends

In memory of Giorgos Kleitsas

Giorgos Kleitsas

On 16th October 2019 we lost one of the most loved and respected members of the international backgammon community, Giorgos Kleitsas. Giorgos was a world class backgammon player, as well as a top bridge and chess player. Thanks to him

WBGF World Team and Individual Championships 2020

WBGF World Team and Individual Championships 2020 Start date: 06/01/2020 End date: 12/01/2020  Format: Groups and KO Finals Location: Domaine de Forges Avenue des Sources 76440 Forges-les-Eaux Organization contact: Presentation From 6 to 12 January 2020, France will host the WBGF World Backgammon Championship,