Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for finalising Rules and Statutes. Further, to develop a structure of WBGF Tournaments (Club Team World Championship, World Cup) and the WBGF Circuit organised with WBGF approved partner organisations. Another important point will be the development of 40 Backgammon lessons for pupils – with focus on Backgammon and Mathematics. And last but not least, we aim to become a member of IMSA – the International Mind Sport Association.



Bernhard Mayr (Austria)
Raj Jansari (United Kingdom)
Richard Munitz (USA)
Arda Findikoglu (Turkey)
Giorgio Castellano (Italy)
Ioanna Kerynia (Cyprus)
Masayuki Mochizuki (Japan)
Josefin Bichler (Germany)
Erling Skorstad (Denmark)
Eric Benichou (France)
Michail Proukakis (Greece)
Bruno Kürsteiner (Switzerland)