Education Committee

In Chess there exist many scientific studies all over the world proofing, that chess in school makes pupil more intelligent:… mostly the weaker ones and also increases the social skills which get more and more important in education… the kids learn learning, thinking in the best way: This is even more true for BACKGAMMON!

This Committee is dedicated to teaching Backgammon to children!

1. Which Nation allready teached backgammon?
( as far as i know:
– Volker Sonnabend, Germany
– Raphael Rosalba, France
– Bernhard Mayr, Austria
– UK did allready ( Andrew Selby)
– Russia
– Norwegia….)
2. These Persons are invited to this committee and will develope a course for children
This course should cover all material and pädagogic guidelines from zero knowledge to PR 10
Basic Knowledge:
– Using the cube understanding the 25% rule
– being able to count PIPS, Shots
– understanding gammon
– understanding 4away 2away (and bascis of matchplay like crawford, free drop)
– Learning psychological skills
– understanding opening moves
– able to use XG
The course should provide material for 40 lectures in chronological order, offering PDF sheets
A simple website giving children fun to learn by themself
(mirrowed school: being teached at home by software, and talking about it in school)