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Stefanos Katogiannakis is the New Greek Champion

  After winning twice in the double-elimination Finals, the solid favourite Ioannis Atmatzidis, Stefanos Katogiannakis became the 12th distinct player to claim the national Championship of Greece.  After a painstaking process which lasted for 13 months and was interrupted on

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Backgammon at the 2020 Mind Sports Olympiad

WBGF and WBIF proudly announce in cooperation with Mind Sports Olympiad:     In August we will organise 8 exciting backgammon tourneys.. together with chess, bridge, Go and many other mind sports!   You can already register for all of

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Backgammon Youth World Championship 2020

The Backgammon Youth World Championship 2020 tournament starts online on July 1st, 2020. The tournament begins with 7 rounds of the Swiss system: the pairings are drawn in rounds according to the Swiss system with the tournament software from Hans-Jürgen

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