Tournament Committee

Responsibilities of this Committee:

1. Comunication and planning of our Team World Championship with the Nations orgainsing it
2. Developing a WBGF Tournament Calendar and new kind of WBGF Tournaments ( „including WBGF friendly Torunaments“)
– for example the new „Club World Championship“
– for example a single Player World Cup: Continental Qualifications

These 64 Players play live final. (The number of players qualified from each region has to be discussed.. but 64 all together 🙂 )
The whole event will be BMAB ( maybe using as software…)
Qualifiers 2020 Big live final 2021 … maybe in USA.
Mode of Live Final: 3 rounds best of 3 (11 point matches)… best 8 play round robin then (9 point matches) with tie break on second day.
3. Planning conditions and cooperating with all „WBGF friendly“ tournaments ( like BMAB friendly ones..)
– Live tables on wbgf website (Challonge preferd… Arda for example said he would use maybe… if necessary)
– Tourney directors writes report for WBGF
– WBGF promotes the event